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Citadel Hotels & Conventions By Vinnca


Venue Type Indoor
Categoy of Hotel 4 Star
No. of rooms Available 57


The Citadel Hotels And Conventions By Vinnca is an exquisite venue offering a spacious hall that can easily hold thousands of people, making it an excellent choice for large gatherings, grandiose weddings, and royal receptions. Situated just 8 mins away from Budvel Railway Station, this lovely venue provides you with caterers that serve delectable meals in both veg and non-veg variants. You need not worry about parking as there's ample space available here. With luxurious rooms for accommodation, alcohol provision, vivacious ambiance- this venue is just the right choice.


  • Ballroom


1500 Minimum Capacity
2250 Maximum Capacity
Indoor Venue Type
1500 Minimum Capacity
2250 Maximum Capacity
Indoor Venue Type

Seating Styles




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More Information

The Hyderabad International Airport is 12 km away from the hotel and it takes just 20 minutes to reach hotel.
Hyderabad Railway Station to the hotel its just 20 km away and it takes 30 minutes to reach hotel. and Located 8 minutes away from Budvel Railway Station
Call Us: +91 9867999883